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                                 A urethral stricture is usually caused by an injury related trauma or a urinary tract infection. Infections can be bacterial or viral. So it can be caused by a urinary tract infection or by a sexually transmitted disease. The scarring is a result of the body trying to repair the damage from the infection or injury. Urethral strictures may also be congenital. The most common injury related trauma is what is known as a straddle injury. For example, falling onto the crossbar of a bicycle. Another example of trauma that can result in a urethral stricture is from a catheter or endoscope.

Since the age of one I have dealt with a urethral stricture. A urethral stricture is the internal scarring of the urethra caused by injury or infection. This scarring causes a narrowing in the wall of the urethra, the tube that leads from your bladder to the outside, impeding the flow of urine. It occurs more commonly with men, rarely with women. When urine does not flow freely it can lead to pain, infection and, if left untreated, serious complications.




Symptoms of a Urethral Stricture

Not ALL of these symptoms need to be present
  • a decrease in urinary flow or stream
  • straining required to urinate
  • spraying or deflection of the stream
  • incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • dribbling after voiding
  • urinary tract infection, a symptom of this is pain when urinating
  • inability to urinate
  • blood in urine


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