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                                 Homoeopathy treatment of tonsillitis is time-tested and has proven to be useful in most cases. In one of the research studies conducted on 107 patients of acute tonsillitis, all the cases were treated with Homoeopathic remedies (Phytolacca americana, Guajacum officinale, Capsicum annuum) and no antibiotics were used. In as less as two and a half days after starting treatment, a significant reduction in the symptoms of acute tonsillitis was seen in the patients. No serious side effects were reported at all in any of the cases. The treatment had been prescribed after taking into account objective as well as subjective symptoms of the patients. This study thus concluded that acute tonsillitis can be successfully treated with Homoeopathy. It also clinically proved the immune-modulatory, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties of homoeopathic remedies.

           we have been treating cases of tonsillitis (acute, chronic, recurrent) for 35 years now and have had good response in most cases. Many cases that have been treated at Dr. Mikin Jain have reported freedom from the recurrent attacks of tonsillitis and have been saved from surgery for the same.


   Homoeopathic treatment targets the root cause of the ailment and reduces the tendency of the patient to fall prey to frequent attacks of tonsillitis. It improves the immunity of the patient and thus provides long term benefits rather than simply controlling the acute infection as happens with conventional medicines. Thus patients of tonsillitis who opt for timely and regular homoeopathic treatment have a reduced need for antibiotics or may even be able to avoid the same completely.

Regular treatment with homoeopathic medicines ensures that the patient gets lesser attacks of tonsillitis and even when they do occur, they are not as severe and are easily controlled with proper medication. The good part about Homoeopathy treatment is that it is without any side effects and thus is completely safe and non-toxic. For effective and safe solution to acute, chronic or recurrent tonsillitis, Homoeopathy is indeed the best.

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