Everyday stress has become part of the modern lifestyle, and so too are the rising medical bills that result from it.Unsurprisingly, the public is increasingly seeking natural alternatives to relieve their stress levels and to help them take charge of their own health, turning more often than not to the gentle, safe and effective remedies of homoeopathy.

The Homoeopathic Approach to Stress

                   Homoeopathy is a holistic approach to health. Its underlying principles are similar to that of yoga and meditation, and take into consideration the individuals spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being.

An experienced homoeopath always assesses the individual as both a whole and as a sum of individual parts to see how each reacts to various stress catalysts. They decipher the individualís unique approach to stress, and match the underlying cause of the stress itself with


a corresponding homoeopathic remedy. This in turn reduces the frequency and severity of all physical, emotional and mental symptoms caused by stress.

The homoeopathic approach to stress also educates the individual on their own internal processes, guiding them to effectively observe their own biorhythms, mental processes and habitual behavioural patterns. Similar to mediation, the individual is guided to observe the underlying causes of their thoughts and emotions, supporting the individual in the developing an awareness of stress-causing behavioral patterns that were previously being acted out unconsciously.

Homoeopathic Stress Remedies

Homoeopathic remedies may relieve stress levels by:

  • Nourishing the immune system.
  • Soothing the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the risk of panic attacks, mood swings and phobias.
  • Alleviating muscle tension.
  • Decreasing susceptibility to headaches.
  • Decreasing emotional sensitivity.
  • Replacing some essential nutrients so you can make it through your day.


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