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Homoeopathy is non scientific and unproved system of medicine.

Facts Homoeopathy medicines are prepared in pharmacy lab and are proved scientifically.
Myths Homoeopathy medicines are small pills of sugar which works like placebo and does not carry any medicinal properties .
Facts Yes, simple pills of sugar does not contain any medicinal properties. This non medicated sugar pills act as a carrier to transfer medicine to the patients.
Myths Homoeopathy is effective only in prolonged diseases.
Facts Partially correct. Usually patient comes to Homoeopathy doctor after applying all the other available medical therapy. By that time the patient condition is acute and the treatment is also prolonged. If the patient starts proper homoeo treatment at proper time then the disease will be cured soon.
Myths Diabetic patient cannot be cured by Homoeopathy.
Facts Can be cured. A very small amount of sugar is necessary in our food supplement. Medicine can be taken in small sugar pills or in severe cases homoeopathy dilutions can be taken with water.

Homoeopathy doctor provides similar type of white globules as a medicine. How it is effective in all diseases.?

Facts This non medicated white sugar pills (globules) act as a carrier to transfer medicine to the patients. More than 3000 different dilutions are provided for treatment through this sugar pills according to the different need of the patients.
Myths In homoeopathy treatment there are lots of restrictions .
Facts Restriction of Alcohol and Tobocco is required. Otherwise very few restrictions.
हम से होम्योपैथिक उपचार की जरूरत मरीजों - दमा, गठिया, आत्मकेंद्रित, बांझपन, PCOD, दूध एलर्जी, IHD, एआर, एमआर, यूके, सिर दर्द, अनिद्रा आदि जैसे कोई पुरानी बीमारी, के लिए

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