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                                               Hyperactivity refers to a physical state in which a person is easily excitable and exhibits an abnormally high level of activity. People who are said to be hyperactive are constantly moving and on the go.

A hyperactive person may react emotionally, be easily distracted, be impulsive, and have a short attention span. They also generally struggle to participate in activities that require them to sit still. They also talk a lot.

Many people have some of these characteristics naturally incorporated into their personality, but it differs from person to person. Hyperactivity is not easily defined because it often depends on the judgment of the assessor.

What may appear to be hyperactive to one person may not seem excessive to another. However, when hyperactivity starts to become a problem for either the individual or others, it may be then classified as a medical disorder.



Hyperactivity in Children

                      Generally speaking, when dealing with children, hyperactivity is often considered more of a problem for their schools and parents than for the child. But there are a number of cases where many hyperactive children are unhappy or even depressed. When dealing with other peers socially, hyperactive children may exhibit behaviors that may make them a target for bullying, or make it harder to connect with other children. Schoolwork may be more difficult, and hyperactive kids are frequently punished for their behavior. Hyperactivity in teenagers can also present similar problems.

The first thing to do if you suspect that you or your child is hyperactive is to have an assessment. Many well-meaning doctors simply prescribe very strong drugs without having the patient assessed by a psychologist to determine what the problem really is. Other causes of hyperactivity symptoms can include food intolerance, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), allergies, perceptual difficulties, nutritional problems, candida, hyperthyroidism, Tourette's syndrome, brain dysfunction, family and/or emotional problems, poor discipline, anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

Each of these problems would require different treatments, and some may even be exacerbated by prescription medications. Assessing before prescribing is the golden rule! If you have already been assessed, diagnosed, and are already taking prescription medication, be aware that there ARE alternatives! In addition, there are many safe, effective natural supplements for hyperactive children.

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