Cholesterol Control Diet



                              Our body does need cholesterol to make bile salts, hormones and vitamin D. Our liver mainly produces it. Cholesterol will build up on the artery walls when the level of cholesterol in the blood is too high. There are 2 main types of blood cholesterol: LDL (the "Bad" cholesterol) and HDL (the "Good" cholesterol)High amounts of the bad LDL will deposit cholesterol on the artery walls forming plaques. More and more plaques will narrow the arteries lumen and may eventually block blood flow. Therefore LDL is considered the "Bad" cholesterol.

Lowering bad cholesterol levels by diets is very much possible. Even for people who are on medicine to lower their cholesterol these diets can work as an adjuvant to their treatment.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables--they are low in calories and fat.

  • Try to lower your intake of saturated fats, since consuming foods with these fats could raise your cholesterol levels and place you at a higher risk of acquiring heart disease.

  • Use whole grain foods instead of foods containing refined flour.

  • Use low fat or skim dairy products instead of  full-fat dairy.

  • Cook with lean meats (chicken) instead of red meat, which is associated with increasing cholesterol levels.

  • When cooking with oils, use olive and canola oils, which are particularly high in monounsaturated fats or vegetable oil, which is high in polyunsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats help lower cholesterol levels.


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